It really isn’t hard to shine in most workplaces. Most people in America complain about their job, talk poorly of their boss, and try to do less work than they have to. It’s amazing how appreciated your supervisor will be if you just simply show up on time and do what you’re told without complaining.

We all know we should do our job with our best efforts, but how do we find the motivation? That is what I want to teach you in this post.

1 Make Work Your Best Friend.

I first heard this phrase in the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon.” The purpose of the book was how to get ahead in life, and how to build wealth. I highly recommend this book. One of the keys to building wealth and reaching your goals is to make work your best friend. Be happy with work. Be glad that you can work.

Work will reward you. Keeping this in mind will motivate you to work and even do a better job. The dread of a long day will go away. It takes time, but it will always pay off. Check out The Richest Man in Babylon -they explain it better than I just did!


2 Take Ownership of Your Job

Yesterday I was working at a construction site as part of the temp service that I currently work for. The last thing I had to do was clean out the office space to an unused warehouse. I knew it was busy work, it did not feel rewarding, and I knew no one would care. I was basically just going through the motions when I realized how poor of a job I was doing.

Aren’t I supposed to be working as if working for the Lord?  Then something hit me. I started imagining if it were my office I was cleaning out. As if someone had just leased me this space and I was cleaning it for my own business. Happiness filled my soul. Suddenly the space didn’t look like a dusty construction site, but instead a golden place built for opportunity.

The broom felt lighter in my hand and I had energy that I didn’t realize was hidden away. This was because I took ownership in what I was doing. Work at your job as if it was your own business, and maybe one day it will be.


3 Do the work no one else wants to do

Last but certainly not least. Show up early and start everything up. That way you will begin your work when the clock starts, instead of getting ready. Once your shift is coming to a close, start taking out the trash. Beat people to the dirty jobs, clean the toilets with a smile on your face. Outdo your coworkers in work regardless of your position or status.

It can seem daunting, but if you make the decision to do this it is a breeze. The only reason all those jobs get pushed off is because everyone hopes someone else will do them instead, or try to get out of them. Know before you even head into work that you’re going to get the short end of the stick, and nothing will bother you. Whether or not anyone notices is irrelevant. One way or another, this will build you a better career. It’s the right thing to do, and your overall performance will probably skyrocket.

Having this mentality has always increased my moral too. How can anything at work get me down when I’ve already prepared for the worst with a smile on my face?